CMMC Compliance Consulting Services

Do you know what you need for CMMC compliance? Lupa Advisors supports defense contractors and subcontractors with consultative services.

Our CMMC Services Simplify Compliance for Contractors

Staying compliant with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 standard is essential for winning and keeping DoD contracts. But understanding and implementing the CMMC standard can be difficult, especially if you lack experience in defense cybersecurity. Hiring reliable and experienced CMMC compliance consulting services is an excellent way to relieve compliance pressure and unlock a direct pathway to continued success.

CMMC compliance consulting offers numerous benefits to businesses that handle DoD contracts. It improves your infrastructure’s overall security and ensures you can meet the strict requirements of the Department of Defense (DoD). Whether you want to retain current contracts, secure new ones, or position your organization for sale, compliance services give you a lasting competitive advantage in the defense industry.

At Lupa Advisors, we understand how important it is for defense contractors to comply with CMMC regulations. Our team of experts provides custom consulting services tailored to your business’s specific needs. Our industry experience and expertise ensure that you’re prepared for a CMMC audit and remain compliant at all times.

Forge a Pathway to Success With CMMC Compliance Support

The new CMMC 2.0 certification provides a higher level of cybersecurity protection for supply chains through more stringent guidelines. If you want to keep your current defense contracts or secure future ones, collaborate with CMMC consultants with the experience, technology, and solutions to help you stay up to date with the latest regulations.

The Lupa Advisors team is your advocate. Our professionals apply their industry knowledge to help you better understand and align with CMMC compliance. When you work with us, we evaluate your current environment and help you satisfy all 110 security controls.

Are you worried about subsequent third-party assessments? Our mission is to prepare you for an audit, no matter when it happens. We know what third-party assessors look for and make sure you do as well. We offer everything from gap analysis and risk assessments to roadmap development. Our experts provide ongoing support so that you can maintain optimal levels of security even after obtaining certification.

Conquer CMMC Compliance With Our Consultative Services

Lupa Advisors is familiar with the nuances of CMMC security requirements. There’s no reason to pursue compliance alone. Our professionals keep up with regulations and review your environment for controls, so you don’t have to.

  • Consulting Assessment

    We have a conversation with you to discover your current environment and gather what we require to build an objective, actionable roadmap for improvement.

  • Control Advisement

    Our professionals propose a plan of action that includes all the controls and concrete compliance solutions you need to fulfill CMMC requirements.

  • Audit Preparation

    As certified CMMC consultants, Lupa Advisors know what auditors look for. We have the resources and experience to guide your organization to long-term compliance.

Achieve DoD Compliance With Industry Experts

Choosing a CMMC compliance consultant with extensive industry experience is essential. The Lupa Advisors team consists of former defense contractors who know what it takes to successfully compete for contract opportunities. We are highly experienced in helping clients achieve their desired security posture and have extensive knowledge of defense cybersecurity standards. We provide comprehensive solutions tailored specifically to your business needs and goals.

Our team comprises former defense contractors and cybersecurity professionals who successfully implemented controls and maintained CMMC compliance. We know how to build and develop highly complex contracting businesses and are eager to share our expertise with other organizations. Our representatives are ready to handle cybersecurity compliance so you can return to your core competency.

Lupa Advisors Builds Custom Solutions for CMMC Compliance

We understand that every company is different. That’s why we create custom comprehensive roadmaps for DoD compliance. Our professionals analyze your technology infrastructure and security processes for full-scale compliance with CMMC standards. We also advise developing an effective method that ensures ongoing compliance with new guidelines and helps protect against external and insider security threats.

Lupa Advisors Protects the Protectors

Our security compliance consultation services help you acquire the controls you need to secure defense contracts now and in the future. Your peace of mind is our focus. We handle compliance requirements so you can focus on your core competencies.