Consultative CMMC Assessment

CMMC compliance doesn’t have to be overwhelming. A conversation with Lupa Advisors is all you need to get started.

Your Source for a Thorough CMMC Readiness Assessment

The Department of Defense’s Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) 2.0 and the technological landscape are constantly evolving. The CMMC has further increased the required security standards for companies wishing to do business with the Department of Defense (DoD) and its contractors. Businesses that want to remain compliant must align with the latest requirements, which include more robust enforcement measures and more extensive scrutiny of security protocols during assessment processes. Now is the time for businesses to pursue compliance. But what does acquiring and maintaining CMMC compliance involve?

Lupa Advisors is here to show you the way to CMMC certification. We’re advocates for you—we advise you how to get from point A to point B in matters of CMMC compliance. We understand you have your core competencies, and they do not involve combing through mountains of government-issued documentation to figure out the security controls you need to sign a new DoD contract. Our professionals provide you with all the knowledge and resources necessary to demonstrate compliance across the board. We ensure you can navigate the industry, whether you want to tend to current contracts, pursue new ones, or position your company for sale.

Your Source for a Thorough CMMC Readiness Assessment

The DoD’s implementation of tighter security requirements reflects a growing need for improved data protection against security breaches, especially considering that government agencies, defense networks, and related contractors are prime targets for malicious actors.

To maintain secure operations within federal departments, it is essential that all defense contracting organizations maintain an adequate level of cybersecurity, which is why they are now required to adhere to stricter regulations under CMMC 2.0.

CMMC is a sophisticated and shifting model. Keeping up with regulations can feel like a full-time commitment when your professional focus isn’t on information system security. Lupa Advisors understands where you’re coming from—our professionals have extensive experience in the industry. We have built, grown, and sold highly complex defense contracting businesses and know what is needed to remain compliant and viable, no matter how dramatically the requirements change.

Prepare for CMMC Third-Party Assessment Organizations With Lupa Advisors

Taking an objective look at your organization’s security posture can help you identify areas where improvement is needed so that you can start working towards meeting all CMMC requirements in time for implementation deadlines. As experienced security consultants, our team can determine what needs to be done before you can officially become certified as a compliant entity.

Our consultative services begin with a conversation. When you collaborate with our team, we become your advocates. We ensure you have everything you need before you schedule an audit with a third-party assessment organization. Our professionals determine where you are in the process with a series of discovery questions designed to give us a full understanding of your current environment.

Our conversational consultation approach is not a cookie-cutter solution. We structure the process to suit your requirements. After our meeting, we go to work building a risk management plan that details the security precautions and protocols you need to meet the 110 controls and become CMMC compliant.

Schedule a CMMC Gap Analysis With Our Professionals

Businesses that have yet to acquire CMMC certification should conduct a CMMC gap assessment to understand the level of investment needed to be compliant. Lupa Advisors evaluates your organization with a detailed process that uncovers potential vulnerabilities in your current environment.

Our gap analysis process involves:

Assessing current security protocols

The first step in a CMMC gap analysis is to assess the organization’s security protocols. Our assessment includes:

  • Identifying the existing control standards
  • Documenting any present vulnerabilities
  • Determining what additional measures will be necessary to ensure compliance

Identifying gaps in compliance

Once your security protocols have been evaluated and the changes required to bring your company into compliance have been identified, it is time to discover any existing gaps. This can be daunting, but our thorough analysis of your policies and practices sheds light on possible deviations.

Lupa Advisors Protects the Protectors

Our security compliance consultation services help you acquire the controls you need to secure defense contracts now and in the future. Your peace of mind is our focus. We handle compliance requirements so you can focus on your core competencies.